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Name:Taiki Kou (大気光)

Full Name: Taiki Kou
Alignment: Kinmoku
Resides in: Kinmoku; Tokyo (briefly)
Occupation: Idol, Juuban Municipal High School student (briefly)
Aliases: Sailor Star Maker
Associates: Kou Seiya, Kou Yaten, Princess Kakyuu
Birthdate: May 30th (♊)
Age: 16
Height: 5'10"
Gender: Female
Species: Kinmoku humanoid
Blood Type: AB
Club: Literary Club
Band Responsibilities: Guitar

Attacks: Star Gentle Uterus — Sailor Star Maker's attack, an explosion of lights.
Additional Attacks: Star Maker Relaxation, Star Maker Strike, and Star Maker Music Box
Items of Power:
Winged Headphones which are use for both performing and transforming into Sailor Star Maker.
Star Yell- Star shaped compact she uses as Sailor Star Maker to unleash her attack.

Kou Taiki (大気 光), Sailor Star Maker (セーラースターメイカー), is the most intellectual. Her abilities rival that of Ami Mizuno, though she considers her romantic notions foolish. Kou Taiki is part of the idol group the Three Lights.


A being calling herself Sailor Galaxia had waged war against anyone who opposed her. Her goal was to collect the Sailor Crystals that embodied true Sailor Soldiers -- Stars that shone eternally. Those who chose to join her army had their Star Seeds taken from them and given prolonged life to fight until they outlived their use. Star Fighter was no stranger to the legendary Sailor Crystal that embodied a select few per planet through out countless star systems, herself included as well as her princess.

When Galaxia invaded Kinmoku a horrifying battle ensued leaving death and destruction in it's wake. The three fought hard to stave off this evil and to protect their princess. The battle raged on for days, weeks, months, and finally when the planet was on it's dying breath did Princess Kakyuu make an attempt to outwit the enemy. Making the decision to flee her dying planet, she fled to a neighboring star system making her way to a rural planet called Earth. It was there she sought refuge to heel her wounds and strengthen her powers. She was not alone however. Three wandering stars had followed in the form of shooting stars.

Her guardians, Star Healer, Star Maker, and Star Fighter sough to reunite with their princess. Taking the form of humans, they posed as idols in the city of Tokyo, Japan. It was a culture where male pop stars gained more popularity than if they were female pop stars. They posed as males and formed the band The Three Lights in an attempt to gain the public's attention and one woman in particular, Kakyuu. Coding a secret message into their songs, they made an attempt to reach their princess through song.

Their song "Nagareboshi He" became an immediate hit drawing fans left and right, however, with no sign of their princess. They continued to sing, each time stepping onto that stage hoping to find that one person.

When Mamoru's Sailor Crystal is stolen by Galaxia, a girl named Usagi Tsukino faints and the Three Lights catch her. They are swarmed with fans, but quickly make their getaway. When Usagi awakens, she believes that Mamoru made it safely to his destination, America, having forgotten the entire event. Later, the members of the Three Lights transfer to Juuban High School. They try to get Usagi to remember what happened with Mamoru, but she can't. It is revealed that Taiki is actually Sailor Star Maker, who has come to Earth with the Starlights to search for their princess, Princess Kakyuu from Kinmoku.

They eventually found their princess who had been hiding in an incense burner residing at none other than Usagi Tsukino's house. As time went on identities were revealed and the girl turned out to be the Sailor Suited Senshi, Sailor Moon -- A powerful opposition to the evil Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Star Maker / Taiki Kou & Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, etc. I do not lay claim to the character or the series.

The content expressed in this journal is not representative of the original creators, nor do I lay claim to such. Character representation is "subjective" -- Quoted, therefore, not meant to be taken seriously. Further representation is not representative of myself or my personal beliefs.

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